January 6th, 2012

We found a fascinating preview, from PC World, of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happening next week in Las Vegas. The annual technology trade show has become the world’s largest and one of the most regarded forecasts for tech trends of the coming year and beyond. Closed to the general public, CES regularly showcases cutting-edge product previews and major announcements from the world’s leading brands.

The headline for 2012 is unanimous: Mobile Technology Will Dominate Everything.

Insiders say that tablets will become significantly less expensive, laptops will get even thinner and cameras will become more like smartphones. Apps will be everywhere, including cars. And Microsoft’s phone-inspired Windows 8 will inch closer to release.

Broken down by category, here’s a summary of expert expectations for CES 2012:

  • Tablets | Looking for a flood of tablets, including some with budget prices. Also expect to hear some buzz about Windows 8 for tablets.
  • HDTVs | The HDTV industry will focus on improving the TV-watching experience, with less emphasis on improving the TVs themselves.
  • Laptops | Anticipate announcements of thin-and-light Ultrabook laptops equipped with Intel’s upcoming line of CPUs that promise improved graphics capabilities.
  • Smartphones | Hoping to see the first LTE Windows Phone for AT&T, or maybe a Sony Ericsson phone equipped with a 13-megapixel camera.
  • Cameras | Look for Wi-Fi-enabled imaging devices as camera manufacturers try to beat the competitive heat from smartphones. Also expect to see a lot of very small cameras with big optical-zoom ranges.
  • Desktop PCs | The biggest desktop PC news likely to come out of CES will involve the inclusion of “Ivy Bridge" CPUs, and the emergence of thinner, lighter all-in-one PCs.
  • Networking | We’re looking forward to demos of a new wireless standard that will mark the next step up from 802.11n.
  • Apps | Expect a deluge of apps, including some that will be available in new cars from Ford.

It’s an exciting time for technophiles — to think of this evolving world of connectivity, ripe with new gadgets and new possibilities. It’s similarly exciting to consider technology’s interactive impact upon libraries. Here at CPL, however, we know that it can be a daunting time for those struggling to keep up with it all. Sometimes even starting out can be overwhelming.

Which is why we’re inviting you to take full advantage of our free CyberNavigators program! Our experts will help you unlock an intuitive understanding and how to make the most of our rich technology resources. We’re offering both small group classes and one-on-one sessions at 44 Chicago Public Library locations throughout the city. The individual sessions, which run about an hour, are by appointment only.

CyberNavigators will help you effortlessly gain a great grasp of:

  • Computer basics
  • Email basics
  • Internet basics
  • Online job searching and resume writing
  • Online research methods
  • How to use the Chicago Public Library website, including account information and renewing materials

View our upcoming calendar of CyberNavigator events and workshops. And check out the regularly scheduled CyberNavigator hours at participating CPL branches.

CyberNavigators at the Chicago Public Library is funded by generous grants through the Chicago Public Library Foundation. Funding partners include: Bank of America, Wal-Mart, McCormick Foundation, Polk Bros. Foundation, Comer Foundation, Chicago Blackhawks and other individual donors.

The first step to making sense of it all is just a click away!

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