September 12th, 2013

Mayor Emanuel Unveils Design Concept for New Chinatown Library Branch

From The Mayor’s Office:

Mayor Rahm Emanuel joined Chicago Public Library Commissioner Brian Bannon, 25th Ward Alderman Danny Solis and local residents today to unveil the design concept for the new Chinatown Library Branch, which will open in 2015 and replace a rental branch that serves 21,000 patrons a month.   

“This beautiful, modern design is a model for what a neighborhood library should be, and it is the latest success story in the new chapter we are writing at Chicago Public Library,” said Mayor Emanuel.  “Our libraries are anchors in our communities, and that is why we made a $66 million investment to build, expand and modernize our library system.”

Under the first-ever Design/Build Process for a neighborhood branch library, the Library and the Public Building Commission have selected Wight/SOM to design a building which reflects the history and culture of this important Chicago neighborhood, while providing a state-of-the-art library space for residents.

“This new library continues to bring world-class design to Chicago’s neighborhoods while creating a community-specific building,” said Library Commissioner Brian Bannon. “This new branch will serve as a gateway to Chinatown, linking the old with the new, and provide a building that serves the modern Chinese immigrant as well as the long-time Chicago resident.”

“The new Chinatown Branch library represents a new opportunity to further invigorate the Chinatown community,” said Alderman Solis.  “It will create a new civic, educational and social hub for Chinatown, providing a place of discovery and learning in our new digital age.”

Click here to learn more about the new Chinatown Branch Library!

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