February 5th, 2013

McDonald’s Replaces Happy Meal Toys With Books

From PSFK:

The best part of a McDonald’s Happy Meal, aside from the fries, has always been the cheap, promotional toy. Often, parents use the toy as ‘leverage’ to get their children to eat their entire meal. Now, U.K. McDonald’s are hoping that a slight change will make their Happy Meal ‘prize’ more beneficial for children.

In recent years, McDonald’s has done much to try and improve the nutritional value of their food offerings, specifically Happy Meals. Already providing the option to replace fries with apple slices and sugary soda with a fizzy-juice alternative called Fruitizz (only available in the U.K.), McDonald’s is now aiming to promote healthy minds through books, in addition to healthier bodies.

The fast food giant launched a 5-week promotion in the U.K. this past weekend for their ‘Happy Readers’ campaign, which is anticipated to distribute over 15 million fiction and nonfiction books to children by the end of 2014 – in place of toys. The initial launch will feature nonfiction books from the popular DK Book’s Amazing World series, covering topics like stars and planets, big cats, and the oceans.

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